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American Pride Books delivers the best books by conservative authors, conservative news opinion and republican points of view anywhere online. American Pride Books is the #1 website for bestselling conservative authors, rightwing news pundits and conservative commentators to have their voice shared and heard worldwide. Here you will discover classic conservative points of view, the latest New York Times #1 bestsellers, Amazon Books Hot 100 and more.

Many people believe that Conservative books are only published by the Conservative organizations. This is not true. American Pride Books is a collective publishing effort to promote Conservative ideas and promote Conservative authors. Book by conservative authors are not only published by the conservative publishing houses, but publishing houses all over the world.

With American Pride Books you will discover Conservative book recommendations, honest book reviews, pre-orders and the best Conservative books ever published.

American Pride Books recommends these must have books for all Conservatives:

  • Ronald Reagan, An American classic, Ronald Reagan is the conservative voice in the American cultural debate. His books have been the conservative answers to the challenges of the left and the cultural changes of the last fifty years.
  • James Burnham, the founder of modern political ecology, is another classic conservative book, The Influence of Power on War and Peace is one of the most influential books of the twentieth century.
  • John Maynard Keynes, The Economic Consequences of the Peace, contains the great economic insights of Keynes. Keynes’ insight, the importance of understanding the power of money is still the key to understanding the global economy.
  • Leo Strauss, the founder of modern political thought, is a book popular among the conservatives. Strauss was the first to identify the cultural conflicts that are the causes of political conflict.
  • The best-selling political book is by Ayn Rand, The Virtue of Selfishness. Rand argued that the individual should abandon altruism in favor of self-interest. This is a profound insight that is worth preserving in the midst of political and cultural diversity.

American Pride Books

All of these books by conservative authors are of superior quality and the best-selling books by Rand’s heroes, Rand herself as well as heroes and heroines of the right. Their books have become classic literature of the right. They do not want you to take them for social literature. They want you to take them as philosophical literature. They are conservative books of self-interest, of the real world. And they will do great things for the right. These books offer a philosophy that is simple, that can be summed up in a few lines, and that is a philosophy that can unite the left and the right. This is why conservative thought is not only more powerful than liberal thought, but is destined to replace liberal thought. Rand understood this in her best seller, and willed the right to exist, to succeed in the intellectual marketplace.

Do not go around trying to win over the hearts and minds of the liberals. – Rand

Finally, it would not be a real conservative website if I did not talk about immigration. The left has completely broken with the Republican Party on immigration. While they may have lost a few votes with this issue, the cultural war is won and the political war is likely lost. A conservative thinks the economic costs of amnesty are too high. While I cannot speak to the costs of amnesty, I can speak to the costs of deporting. The economic costs of deporting are likely too high for conservatives to vote for, and the political costs of deporting are also likely too high. To win the intellectual war and win the political war a conservative must not only fight, but fight intelligently. Let the liberals have the numbers and the economics, but fight hard and win in the end. If you want to fight, go ahead, but fight smart.

Ordering books by your favorite conservative authors is your first step to winning the intellectual war with liberal and socialists.

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