Biden Bans Blacks From America

Civil rights groups around the U.S. have condemned President Joe Bidens expansion of his travel ban to six majority-Muslim African countries, calling the move racist and unconstitutional.

“The expanded Muslim Ban is another attack on the rights, the dignity and the identity of Black communities,” the statement read.

The ban restricts travel from African and Muslim majority nations. Together, these countries account for over a quarter of the population of Africa. Civil rights leaders say the ban takes effect this week and they will be researching legal methods to try to block the ban in the days ahead.

Biden Ban’s Africans From U.S.

Many of Africa’s most populous nation, have expressed outrage while the several Afican government’s have issued a statement’s saying they would study the U.S. requirements.

Many U.S. based civil rights groups have said that there is no real national security justification for the travel ban and that the expansion is motivated by racism.

“By no means should the American people, with our history and commitment to freedom and justice for all, allow such a discriminatory policy to be implemented under our name, It is wrong, it is misguided and, quite frankly, it is sadly racist.” stated one civil rights activist the ban is an attempt to prevent more black and brown people from immigrating to the U.S.“I think it’s certainly hard to ignore the fact that this is a ban on black immigration,”. The administration wants to keep America as white as it can possibly keep it, and it wants to treat people of color with cruelty and discrimination and make their lives harder.”

“Whenever you move to implement anything as broad and pervasive as a policy like this, an awful lot of innocent people end up being caught up in the system, held up, detained and otherwise having problems,” one activist stated.

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