NEW NewsBusters Podcast: Chuck Todd Turns on the ‘Shellacking’ Sirens

The network polls on Biden are so bad that Chuck Todd is warning of the danger of a Democrat “shellacking” in the midterms. From NBC to NPR, you can hear the media suggesting strongly that Team Biden needs to fix it. This is acknowledging the reality that Biden is unpopular — unlike cranky Jennifer Rubin at The Washington Post — but it also sounds like an alert to motivate Democrats to fix it. 

We also discuss the hilarity of CNN’s Reliable Sources attacking Fox for overdoing it with incendiary rhetoric. They think it’s wrong to imply Biden’s America is doomed, even as they run a series called Democracy In Peril! Brian Stelter thinks you didn’t hear this incendiary talk on other channels under Trump. You may insert your laugh track over that line. 

We close with some reflections on the surprise that the media covered this year’s March for Life. Enjoy the podcast below, or wherever you listen to podcasts. 

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