20 Things That Caught My Eye: Afghan Evacuees in Limbo, Ending Roe, Reclaiming Motherhood, & More


2. Cardinal Timothy Dolan:

our creed, God’s revelation, the Church’s system of what we believe and how we act, is coherent, holistic, logically integrated.

Nowhere is this more evident than in our defense of life. We believe that all life is sacred, a gift from God so special that it is eternal, deserving dignity and reverence. Thus, from the first days of the Church, a defense of and respect for all human life has been a characteristic of those who followed Jesus in and through His Church.

While neighbors or observers of the earliest Christians might not have espoused their faith, they were amazed at how these believers cherished life: in the womb, in their children, in their marriage bond, in their abhorrence of violence, in their reluctance to fight in a war which seemed unjust, in their preference to forgive rather than seek revenge, in their solicitude for the sick, fragile, poor, the stranger, the elders, the dying—all whose life was in jeopardy or vulnerable.

Our respect for the sacredness of all life, our renowned and controversial “pro-life” morality, is consistent and coherent, a “package deal.”


4. Henry Olsen: Florida Republicans are taking the middle road on abortion. That should surprise no one.

5. Emily Schrader: Genocide Olympics: Winter Games in China is a stain on humanity

For months, activists and world leaders have warned against China’s increasingly authoritarian behavior toward its own citizens, its anti-democracy campaign in Hong Kong, its military threats against Taiwan, and its genocide against the Uyghur Muslims whom they have sent to concentration camps. 

But none of that matters to the IOC, which was more than happy to silence criticism on behalf of the CCP whenever needed – such as when tennis champion Peng Shuai spoke out regarding sexual assault by her coach and then mysteriously disappeared.


7. University of Notre Dame Law School: Religious Liberty Clinic files amicus brief in California euthanasia case

8. Noah Rothman: You Are Driving Our Kids Crazy

The paper must have thought it was onto something big. But the Post’s soft-focus profile of these activists and their organization, Red Wine and Blue—that’s right, literally “wine moms”—was notable only for how singularly unimpressive the backlash against the parents’ movement is.

The organization’s members are dedicated to supporting Covid restrictions in schools and promoting race-conscious pedagogy while simultaneously insisting that race-conscious pedagogy is not being taught in schools and Covid mitigation measures are largely a thing of the past. Their befuddlement was perfectly encapsulated in one activist’s frustrated appeal to heaven: “Why are you still so effing angry?” She hasn’t the foggiest idea why parents are “still coming to these meetings so juiced up and angry?”

9. Effective Communication About Pregnancy, Birth, Lactation, Breastfeeding, and Newborn Care: The Importance of Sexed Language


11. Leor Sapir: Staying in Their Lane

On one level, the debate over whether and how to integrate transgender girls and women into female sports is about striking a reasonable balance between accommodating a tiny subset of athletes with debatable natural advantages and ensuring basic fairness and safety for non-transgender participants. On another level, it is a proxy battle for the more fundamental question of what makes us male or female.

In the United States, where transgender policy is heavily shaped by litigation (or the threat thereof), transgender advocates have effectively proposed two conflicting definitions of “sex”: one for sports and another for nearly every other policy matter. When student access to bathrooms was at issue, the argument was that any association between gender status and body type constituted unlawful “stereotyping.” But when the issue turned to athletics, the argument was that blanket bans on transgender women in women’s sports are overly broad—thus conceding that it is legitimate to exclude at least some female self-identified athletes from women’s sports.


13. Lahav Harkov: China asks visiting student in Israel to collect information




17. J. Taylor Calderone: Welcome Home: A Woman’s Choice to Prioritize Caregiving Over Career

There is a naïve assumption that equates my role today with the stereotype of a 1950s housewife. High-powered, successful women, like the late Elizabeth Wurtzel, pepper the mainstream media with claims that “being a mother isn’t a real job.” Today’s feminists should rest assured that my current role contains none of the oppression that may have been a part of womanhood in the 1950s, nor do I gauge my worth through the lens of manhood. I will be eternally grateful to those trailblazers who fought for women’s rights and equality. My decision to be at home is not an assault on those hard-earned rights, but a commitment to very real and present needs. 


19. Psaki Says Everyone Will Have To Show Proof of Vaccination Before Receiving Free Crack Pipe

20. Polish sisters separated by Holocaust find each other after 80 years


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