How much federal COVID money is funding GLSEN”s groomers?, by Michelle Malkin

How Much Federal COVID Money Is Funding GLSEN’s Groomers?

Apropos of my column today on GLSEN’s groomers in plain sight, here is a question every GOP congresscritter should be investigating:

How much federal COVID money is funding the LGBTQIXYZ alphabet mafia’s kiddie porn training and curriculum in K-12 schools? Corporate-funded (Disney-funded, Wall Street-funded) GLSEN is advising schools to to plunder and leverage over $189 billion in Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief (ESSER) funding supposedly earmarked for COVID to “advance LGBTQ+ inclusive equity” — including using funds to establish Gay-Straight Alliance summer programs, subsidize educator training, and, yes, to turn “school bathrooms and locker rooms” into “gender neutral” and “all-user facilities.” Who’s following the money?



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