NEW NewsBusters Podcast: Our Memories of the Brief, Fumbling Life of CNN+

After roughly $300 million invested and just 23 days in operation, the new owners of CNN quickly and publicly pulled the plug on their streaming serving CNN+. Brian Stelter tried to claim that they didn’t have enough time to prove they were a failure, but the weak 10,000 daily viewership numbers underlined it would be a financial sinkhole.

Kyle Drennen joins the show to discuss how many strange things outlasted this venture and to discuss some of the lowest recent moments on MSNBC, like how conservatives would denounce Jesus if he came back to Earth today as a groomer, as woke, and as a socialist.

Enjoy the podcast below, or wherever you enjoy your podcasts. We ask you to share with friends, family, or liberals who don’t have a clue about media bias!

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