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We all know the lengths that MSM will go to protect Democrats. Once the talking points go out, the MSM can be counted on to spread them far and wide.

Republicans are racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, fat-shaming….well, you know the drill. It gets tiresome after a while, honestly. But apparently it works well enough to trot this tired mantra out regularly.

Sometimes the lengths they go to are especially remarkable. And, to be honest, in this case it is hard to blame them. The mission is to save the Senate campaign for John Fetterman, and that is a really really tall order.

Fetterman is running for US Senate against Dr. Mehmet Oz. As we all know, Oz has yet to prove himself to be a formidable candidate, but Fetterman is if anything much worse.

Oz is inexperienced. Fetterman is, quite literally, wounded. His recent stroke has left him with clear mental deficits. It’s pretty hard to ignore that fact in the midst of a hard-fought Senate campaign, and despite the most heroic efforts Fetterman has failed in that task. It’s hard not to feel sorry for Mr. Fetterman, but it is equally hard to see how anybody could consider installing a person with such health issues into the “world’s greatest deliberative body.”

Yet install him they must, and as we have seen with President Biden severe cognitive deficits present no obstacle to Democrats putting people into positions of power. After all, in their view it is only the power behind the throne that matters. Their elected officials are only front men and women.

This explains why NBC News has chosen to print a ridiculous opinion piece by  

Love takes an interesting tack. He has decided to defend one of Fetterman’s most questionable acts as Mayor of Braddock, PA. Back in 2013 Fetterman chased down and pulled a gun on an innocent black man as he was jogging in the neighborhood. American Leadership Action, a PAC, is running ads against Fetterman for doing so.

Now if Fetterman were a Republican, this would be proof positive–if such were needed–that he was an evil racistsexisthomophobicsystemicracist something or another. But Love–a social justice warrior if there ever were one–finds criticism of Fetterman on such a flimsy basis proof that Republicans are racistsexisthomophobicsystemicracist and should be reviled.

Get it? Evidence that a Republican did something that was unfair to person of color is proof that they are racist, and pointing out evidence that a Democrat did so is proof that Republicans are racist. Because actual facts, circumstances, behavior, and irksome little things like that are irrelevant when a Senate seat is on the line.

This latest GOP strategy and the underlying incident highlight two things. The first is the depth Republicans will go to suppress Black voters they are not interested in winning over. Secondly, the campaign punctuates the fact that white people, Democratic politicians and purported allies of the Black community must own up to their mistakes and do better — and be better — after they have transgressed.

In January 2013, when Fetterman was the mayor of the Pittsburgh-area steel town of Braddock, Pennsylvania, he reportedly heard gunshots near his home and claimed he saw a man dressed in black and wearing a face mask running in the street. The then-mayor claimed the man was running toward an elementary school — this was weeks  after the Sandy Hook elementary school mass shooting in Newtown, Connecticut.

Fetterman said he chased the man in his pickup truck and detained him with his 20-gauge shotgun until the police arrived. That man, who was an unarmed jogger named Christopher Miyares, provided a very different account of the incident. He said Fetterman had pointed the gun to his chest and he definitely knew he was Black, both of which Fetterman denied.

Nevertheless, Miyares, now incarcerated for an unrelated offense, supports Fetterman in the Senate race. “Even with everything I said, it is inhumane to believe one mistake should define a man’s life,” Miyares said in a letter to The Philadelphia Inquirer last year. “I hope he gets to be a senator.”

Man, it’s good to be a Democrat. You can chase down an innocent jogger, hold him at gunpoint, accuse him of being a violent criminal, and still get the vote of the black man you did it to you. Then get NBC News to commission an opinion piece to dispel any suspicion that you are anything but an ally on race issues.

Even better: NBC News will give its stamp of approval to a piece that attacks Republicans for noticing the hypocrisy. And then accuse Republicans of descending into the gutter for holding Fetterman to the same standards that are used against Republicans and Independents every single day, 10 times a day.

But Love and his NBC News allies can’t leave good enough hypocrisy alone. As usual, their contempt for their audience shines through. Even defending Fetterman against criticism, they simply can’t resist defaming the voters in Pennsylvania.

Pennsylvania has shown itself to be a national leader in hate and an attempted insurrection. Nearly 70 people from Pennsylvania have been charged for participating in the Jan. 6, 2021, attack on the U.S. Capitol. And last year, the Keystone state ranked first in the nation in the dissemination of white supremacist propaganda such as fliers, posters and graffiti, according to the Anti-Defamation League.

So…you should ignore that Fetterman did what normally would make him anathema to the SJW Left and vote for him, you racist bastards. Vote for him to prove that you aren’t quite as racist as we actually know you are. Even noting Fetterman’s past is an act of racism, so shut up and vote for him!

The tactic [criticizing Fetterman] smells very much like the GOP and Russian social media disinformation campaign of 2016. This effort fed Black resentment toward Hillary Clinton in the presidential election over her 1996 comments labeling Black youth as “superpredators.” However valid the anger was about her use of the word and the harm it perpetuated, the campaign was used not to empower Black people but to dissuade them from casting their votes.

Criticizing Fetterman is Russian propaganda! Russia, Russia, Russia! Pull out your blue and yellow flags and vote for Fetterman! Now!

This all smells of desperation. Democrats see the black and hispanic vote slipping out of their grip and they are panicked. Lots of people are waking up to the fact that Democrats have been scamming them for generations and they are responding appropriately.

Expect the level of desperation to be turned up to 11, because Democrats can’t win solely with the votes of white-wine whiney women.

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